Innovations in Indian agriculture: nourishing diets through farming systems


  • Pankaj Kumar Ojha Department of Agricultural Extension, Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda.
  • Puneet Kumar Ojha Department of Social Work, University of Delhi, New Delhi-110001, India


bio-fortification, climate-smart agriculture, crop diversification, dietary diversity, food security, Indian agriculture, malnutrition, Technology


India faces the challenge of ensuring both food security and dietary diversity for its growing population. This paper explores how innovative farming systems are being adopted to cultivate a future where healthy diets go hand-in-hand with sustainable agriculture. Crop diversification, biofortification, climate-smart practices, and technology adoption are key strategies being implemented. Despite the promise, challenges remain in terms of access to resources and behavior change. By addressing these and fostering collaboration, India can create a more sustainable and nutrition-secure food system for all.


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