About the Journal

The Journal of Rural Advancement (JRA) [ISSN: 2347-2561 (P) and 2583-6102 (E)] has been published, twice a year, i.e., in April and October, in the English language since 2013. JRA is published by (as an Official publication), the Institute for Development of Technology for Rural Advancement (IDTRA), run by DTRA Trust (Established in 2010; Registration No. 102/2010), Vrindavan, Distt. Mathura-281121 (U.P.) INDIA, a professional body dedicated to rural advancement. The journal started in the print version but now it is also available in the electronic version. The journal addresses the multi-dimensions of rural life, including aspects of agriculture, culture, economics, education, finance, health, philosophy, planning, policies, politics, science, society, welfare, etc. Because of some unforeseen reasons, the production of the journal was stopped in 2014. It was again restored after 2020 and continues to date.