Effect of oral quercetin administration on the exoskeleton of Barbari goats in subtropics regions

Quercetin administration on the exoskeleton of Barbari goats


  • Sushil Kumar Sharma B.S.A. College, Mathura-281001 INDIA
  • Babita Agrawal


Exoskeleton, Goat, Hairs, Hooves, Horns, Quercetin


The present investigation was designed to study find out the influence of oral administration of quercetin on the exoskeleton of goats. The study was carried out on six Barbari goats selected randomly from the herd and offered identical balanced feed. Those were given oral administration of quercetin at the rate of 1.5 mg per Kg live weight, in the morning daily. Samples of hairs, horns, and hooves were collected from goats under experiment on the days 00, 30, 60, and 90 of the experimental trial. The samples were estimated for crude protein, crude fat, and major and trace elements. The data recorded during the experiment were statistically analyzed using suitable models. A salient conclusion based on the study can be drawn that content of crude protein in the exoskeleton, and magnesium in hooves of goats was increased with the advancement in the duration of administration of quercetin in goats.


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